bıoset package wastewater treatment plants 


BIOSETs are packaged wastewater treatment systems for domestic effluent purifying from 10 to 200 m3/day in newly built subdivisions, schools & universities, hotels & shopping malls, military bases and more.

A complete integral treatment process, supplied in rectangular prismatic tank available in a variety of sizes to treat domestic wastewater. The unit is operated on the princible of sequencing batch reactor. Filling, aeration, sedimentation and discharge stages are processes in the same tank. Programmable logic controller is used for controlling the entire system.

M-BIOSETs are packaged wastewater treatment systems with submerged ultrafiltration membranes which provides further COD and BOD removal from wastewater. M-BIOSETs are the combination of activated sludge process and membrane process.

Small footprint

BIOSETs result in an excellent effluent quality and minimal footprint.

Portable Design

BIOSET is a compact preassembled system which are delivered to customers as ready to use.

Easy retrofit and upgrade 

Compact and modular design of BIOSET unit, provides non-stop solution when you need capacity increases. It’s simple to install with no effect to the existing treatment system.